Local development firm working in collaboration with schools, law enforcement and 911 dispatch to create the Nation’s most comprehensive school lockdown system

By Helix Group, LLC. , Tumwater, WA

August 21, 2013

School ALERT (Active Lockdown & Emergency Response Technology)

During an emergency every second counts.  That is the premise behind School ALERT (Active Lockdown and Emergency Response Technology).  The School ALERT System is a cloud based software solution that empowers school staff by allowing them to initiate a school lockdown from any authorized and configured smart phone, tablet, or desktop PC.  This significantly reduces the amount of time between the recognition of a threat and the initiation of a school lockdown.  The School ALERT System integrates with existing (or future) electronic door locks and surveillance cameras, allows school staff to check in with location and student counts when safe, and allows school administrators and law enforcement to provide instructions to staff during a lockdown.

The School ALERT System is a cost effective means of compliance with new state laws.  This last spring the Washington State Legislature passed SB-5197 and HB-1811, requiring all school districts to work with local law enforcement to develop an emergency response system to expedite the response and arrival of law enforcement during an emergency.  The School ALERT System does just that by decreasing staff response time and increasing communication while coordinating all of a school’s critical systems and providing law enforcement with an unprecedented amount of live data during an emergency.

The School ALERT System is customizable, allowing schools the flexibility to more quickly respond to emergencies while at the same time remaining in compliance with local school board policies and procedures.

The School ALERT System truly is the most comprehensive school lockdown system in the nation.

Rainier School District Event

On August 22nd from 11:30 pm to 1:00 pm, the Rainier School District will be hosting a Legislative Reception at:

Rainier Middle School
202 2nd Street West
Rainier, WA 98576

The purpose of this event is twofold. First, we want to thank our State Legislators for passing SB-5197 which puts school safety into law. Second, we want to share something that we have created to help keep our students safe.

As the Superintendent of our district, I was looking for a cost effective security solution to more quickly expedite a school lockdown. The systems on the market simply did not do what we were looking for, so we contacted Helix Group a local Tumwater, WA development firm. They brought together their development team, local law enforcement and 911 dispatch to learn how best to design their system.  The end result is the most comprehensive school lockdown system in the Nation and the Rainier School District will be the first district in the country to have such a system.

Tim Garchow, Rainier School District Superintendent

We have invited several of our US Congressmen, our State Superintendent, our State Senators who sponsored SB-5197, our State Representatives who sponsored the companion bill HB1811 in the house, all area School District Superintendents, the heads of all State Associations, and local media.

Washington State is ready to lead the Nation in school security, and our State Senate got the ball rolling with SB-5197.

Active Lockdown School Alert Demonstration & Thurston County SWAT

Helix Group and its School ALERT product team will be performing a live system demonstration in conjunction with the Thurston County Sherriff’s office response team.

Attendees will be taken through a simulated active school lockdown scenario with representatives of the Thurston County SWAT team working in concert with School ALERT.

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