School ALERT is extremely excited to share incredible feedback and positive results for our new School ALERT safety product!

This fall, Rainier School District was the first district in the country to install and use School ALERT System.

In November, Rainier School District scored the highest ever initial score in Excellence in Safe School Operations (ESSO) Certification to ever be given to a public or private school.  This certification is assessed by an objective 3rd party.  It is a measurement of a school’s daily safety operations based on 26 Safe School Standards. NewDawn Security conducted the ESSO Certification.  NewDawn Security assessed other school safety points and services for Rainier School District as well.

Sean Spellecy, CEO of NewDawn Security gave credit to School ALERT System for helping produce such high ESSO scores along with a passionate and dedicated district and school staff. “The implementation of the School Alert System immediately helped raise the score of the Emergency Operations Plan’s Safe School Standard at the Rainier School District,…” …“School Alert is hands down the most effective emergency response enhancement system on the market, however, if you don’t have strong leadership at the district level, and capable staff who feel personally responsible for their students well being, there is no way their ESSO Certification scores would be so high. ”

This announcement was first released by NewDawn Security and it can be seen here.