For Parents

Find out how School ALERT System can help protect students and gather information that you can pass to your school’s principal or school district administrators.

School ALERT System can lock doors, provide live video feeds and allow emergency services login access to monitor all these and more.  This includes access to hold two way communications with school staff!

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For Schools

Find out how School ALERT System can help protect your school, students and staff while adhering to your established school safety protocols.

School ALERT System can provide a vast array of service options to benefit your school!  Available options include school lock-downs for high threat scenarios and low & non-threat incidents like requesting a school security officer, nurse, janitor, and more.

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For Emergency Services

Whether you are Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS or Dispatch – learn how School ALERT System can further aid your incident command by providing live data and enabling 2 way communications with school staff in need of emergency services.

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For Partnerships

Do you offer a similar or related service that might benefit from the School ALERT System?  Find out more about possible partnerships with School ALERT System.

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