How Can School ALERT System Assist Emergency Services?

What departments and authorities are included within the term “Emergency Services”?…

Included but not limited to, are:

  • Law Enforcement
  • 911 Dispatch
  • Fire Department
  • EMS

How can School ALERT assist emergency services during a high threat scenario at a school?…

During a high threat scenario, School ALERT System can give emergency responders access to the following:

  • Ability to view live school video feeds
  • Control of door locking mechanisms
  • 2-way communication with school staff members
  • Ability to implement school staff check-ins
  • Ability to view PDF school map
  • Access to review event logs
  • Ability to input custom event logs as an emergency scenario evolves

How are emergency responders able to communicate with school staff during a high threat scenario?…

Check-ins and text box communications can be sent to school staff members.  School staff can respond in one of two ways:

Quick Button Reply:
There are three buttons available for school staff members to use for a quick status response; Safe, Mild Risk and High Risk.

These buttons are intended to provide simple and fast responses for school staff members to help them communicate their safety status.  This can be helpful, especially if they are in High Risk danger status or if they are too nervous to be able to complete a more detailed text-based description of their status.

Detailed Text Reply:
There is a text box on the school staff’s check-in notification which allows staff members to enter and send detailed descriptions including student counts, their location, report injuries and any additional information they find pertinent.

How do event logs in School ALERT System function and how are they useful?…

Event logs begin recording School ALERT System interactions after an initial emergency event has been initiated. Logs are auto-generated via the School ALERT System. Each time a school staff member makes a communication – it is logged in the IDCP event log.

Emergency Services can also enter custom and specific log events into the system.

All event log entries can be viewed during the emergency incident, thus allowing emergency services to utilize all recorded data in order to assess the incident and better implement incident command protocols and practices.

Recorded event logs can be reviewed at a later date for investigative or training purposes, etc.

What requirements are needed for emergency responders to utilize School ALERT System?…

Emergency Responders will need to login to the effected school’s School ALERT System and an internet connection and browser is required.

Alternatively, school administrators can also hand off a device (tablet, laptop or desktop) that is already logged in to Emergency Responders.

Who else can see the Administrative IDCP Control Panel?…

Only authorized school administrators can use and see the Administrative IDCP Control Panel. Teachers and school staff can not see the Administrative IDCP Control Panel from their user apps. Only those with authorized administrative access can see and access the IDCP control panel.

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