How can School ALERT help keep children safe in school?

School ALERT can help schools respond to high threat scenarios and initiate a school lock-down…

In High Threat Scenarios, the School ALERT System can:

  • Empower authorized school staff to initiate a school lock-down
  • Prompt a pre-recorded message over a school’s P.A. system to notify all school staff to initiate school lock down procedures
  • Initiate door lock mechanisms
  • Display live video via school video cameras
  • Prompt teachers and staff to check-in with their location and report status and student count
  • Establish 2 way communication between school staff and responding law enforcement
  • Establish 2 way communication between school staff and (authorized) school administration
  • Record and timestamp staff check-ins and makes these logs available for review to aid in Incident Command
  • Integrate multiple schools per district – thus allowing lock-downs and communications with other ALERT configured schools

For non-threat scenarios, School ALERT can be configured with additional buttons that allow school staff members to request specific assistance…

Not every urgent scenario requires a school lock-down.  School ALERT System has optional buttons that can allow users to request certain services such as prompting the school nurse, the principal or the security officer in order to provide assistance to a particular teacher or classroom.

These buttons can be custom selected and configured based on each individual school’s needs.

Will School ALERT save my child’s life?…

School ALERT alone does not save lives – People save lives!  School ALERT is a tool that helps empower authorized personnel (such as school staff and emergency responders) to carry out life saving actions and decisions.

Is School ALERT System expensive?…

School ALERT was designed to be an affordable safety and security tool.  It is a digital solution that does not require the physical hardwiring of buttons into each room of a school campus as some systems require.  Instead, the end user (teachers and school staff) downloads the user application onto a smart phone, tablet or desktop PC – or even all three!

School ALERT does require certain hardware pieces and specifications to communicate with optional assets such as P.A. systems, door lock mechanisms and video cameras.  However, these hardware components are much more affordable and easily attained in comparison to the costs and time involvement of installing a physical button on the wall of each classroom.  Even better, School ALERT is mobile – it can be carried on school staff personnel from room to room or outdoors if it is downloaded on a smart phone!

Where can I find possible funding or grant information that my child’s school could use help divert the cost of installing School ALERT System?

Learn more on our Grants & Funding page.