Emergency Services System Integration

What Is Required To Integrate School ALERT System With Emergency Services?…

Emergency Services providers can log into the Administration piece of the School ALERT System via a guest login that has been pre-determined and authorized by school administration.  Guest access requires an internet connection and a web browser. Alternatively, school administrators can hand off a device (tablet, laptop or desktop) that is already logged in to the School ALERT System IDCP  control panel.

Once logged into the Administration panel, Emergency Responders have the ability to access video feeds, control door locks, request check-ins from school staff, have two way text based communications with school staff, review time stamped log of events, enter specific log events and access PDF maps of the school.

Which Emergency Services can access the School ALERT System Administration piece?…

Any emergency services that the school configures into their settings and authorizes, for example:

  • 911 Dispatch
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Department
  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
  • any other desired entity that the school’s administration deems necessary and configures into the ALERT System